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After Market Add-On

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Posted 12 June 2020 - 07:16 AM

So when you say you replaced your interior rivets with Riv Nuts, does that include the exterior caps and 'washers'?

And did you install them from outside? I confess I don't know much about rivets.


I haven't seen CC John post here in a while, and I know  he's a gear head like you. I hope he's out on the water with that nifty boat he rebuilt a few years ago.


Oh, and thanks, Bob! for the advice on removing silicon.

Hi Meadowlark,

The interior rivets that have been replaced with Riv-Nuts are only ones that I've needed to drill out and pull for some reason, either to work on, or to get to, something. I haven't replaced all the interior rivets. If it ain't broke, I don't fix it. I only replaced rivets with Riv-Nuts on things I have had to remove, and only as a means of not having to drill those particular rivets out ever again. Any through-the-hull exterior rivets that I've replaced with machine screws and nylock nuts still have Snap Caps, so they blend in with all the other Snap Caps out there. I've only done this on a very few select "problem rivets" that broke off prior to being swapped out with screws.

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