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Found A Better Generator

generator harbor freight A1 power

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#1 friz

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Posted 05 March 2020 - 05:50 PM

  I bought a Harbor Freight 2000 generator 2 years ago, and it was just adequate. When the AC compressor came on, the overload LED lit up and it took about 3 seconds for the compressor to come up to speed.  Would have to switch off the ECO when AC first turned on.  Cost is usually $449 up to $499.


  Sam's Club had the A1 Power 2300 watt generator on special for $349. Bought it, let it break in and then plugged the Casita in.  Left the ECO switch on.  Placed the generator within view from inside the trailer.  Turned on the AC, it kicked right on as if it were plugged into house outlet. Motor sped up quick enough so the voltage never dropped.


  A lot of attention to RV use were evident.  A 30 amp adapter to twist lock, oil funnel,  telescoping handle and rear wheels came with it.  The pull start handle is on top so the leverage is better if the generator is on the ground.  If on the tailgate, not so easy.  Bought the 3 year service policy for $50, hope that works out ok.


  Weights:  A1 Power: 51 lbs.   Predator 2000: 47lbs.   I'll put up with the extra 4 lbs. With the wheels I can roll it on a piece of plywood from the bench onto the tailgate.  Neither one of these is a one hand lift.

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#2 Joe Romas

Joe Romas
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Posted 05 March 2020 - 06:27 PM

You have again proven that 2000 surge and 1600 is marginal on our AC units. A Easy start module would accomplish the same ends.

I bought a 2200/1800 Sportsman generator at Sams before Christmas online for $299 shipped free and it outperforms my $999 Honda 2000/1600.

Here's where I mentioned it with a Amazon and Sam's link. Your A1 is also listed on the Sam's site. I've drooled over your A1 a few times.



I also have a 3000/2800 Boly I picked up on craig's list for $75 as is and with some TLC it runs the AC with far less noise.


My Honda getts pretty loud when the ambient temperature gets into the mid 90's.

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#3 Hot Toddy

Hot Toddy
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Posted 06 March 2020 - 05:47 AM

There are so many generators on the market these days that Honda has to be feeling the bite. I have had a Champion 2,800W generator for several years now and it has worked reliably. We are still weekend campers, so I haven't used it too terribly much but when I have it has performed. I believe I bought it at Costco for $550. Folks like those Hondas because they can clean their carburators. I like my Champion because for $10 I can order the part and replace my carburator. Goes to show that some shouldn't believe everything they think.  :unsure:



#4 Linda & Bob, K4TAX

Linda & Bob, K4TAX
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Posted 06 March 2020 - 09:26 AM

I just started and ran all 3 of our generators yesterday  The two Champion's started right up and ran smooth.   The "other one" needed a carburetor cleaning and some TLC.   All use the same non ethanol gas and are stored in the same environmental space.   In each case, at shut down,  I turn off the gas and allow the generator to stop. 


Cleaning a carburetor is really no big deal.  Getting the generator on the bench and doing the chore is the biggest issue.  Just be sure to clean them, check them over, and keep clean fresh gas in them.  Always fill the tank to capacity to minimize air content before storing a generator for any period of time. 


Just remember, once you are at the campground, it is too late to do any of this.  

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