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#190437 Solo Self Protection

Posted by Plainsman on 06 August 2014 - 04:28 AM

Hello, again, oregonlavender
This topic of personal protection comes up from time to time. Most old-timers have already made their peace with it, but allow me to expand a bit on my earlier, somewhat flippant remark.
The wasp spray gambit is based on the idea that it is more effective than Mace or pepper spray. This is questionable and I would ask your cousin for a source. But, really, don’t bother, because it is a silly idea, and could cost you your life. While it might work against Charlie’s tipsy fun-seeker, or some sugar-fueled rogue Boy Scouts, that’s about the extent of it. It would be extremely dangerous, even fatal, if used on a hard-case.
You may be envisioning a scenario in which this imaginary perp stands at the 20-feet distance, announces his evil intentions, and then continues to face you, arms at his side, while you douse him with insecticide. But before the first arc of your spray reaches him he will have turned away, shielded his face with his arms or a jacket, and moved into you in something like 2-seconds. If there is any wasp spray left you will now get a chance to judge its effect. Then, after he is satisfied with his pay-back, he will do whatever he was going to do in the first place. (Or maybe he will say “She has wasp spray! Run away!” What do you think are the odds?)
If you are dead-set on some kind of non-lethal spray I suggest you purchase a 16-ounce container of bear spray. It MUST say that it is for bear. (BTW, about the only self-protection that you are allowed to take into Canada is such a container, clearly labeled “BEAR.” And do not even think of mentioning that it is actually for people!) These sprays usually have a range of about 30-feet, have a good bit of reserve power for several long doses, and are about as strong a compound as you can get. They are available at Amazon, Cabelas, and almost any sporting goods outlet, and most of them at that size come with a nylon belt holster.
Still, the down-and-dirty truth about an encounter with a hard-case assailant is that only the potential and likely actuality of his imminent death will deter him. Depending on the drug-of-the-day even this may not be enough. This may be offensive to some for various personal reasons, but it is true, as too many good souls have found out too late.
If you are, for whatever reason, against the use of a handgun, there are a number manufacturers that make relatively inexpensive short-barreled shotguns that are easily carried in a trailer or a tow vehicle and are legal in most venues. Mossberg makes one called a “Cruiser” that comes in both 12- and 20-gauge, and in several configurations. 
The major problem with this solution is that your “protective device” is in the trailer or in the tow and not immediately available in the very remote instance in which you need to use it to protect yourself. Once available and in your hands, there are few deterrents even nearly as effective.
My recommendation for the solo camper, especially a female who likes to boondock, is a handgun, along with a license to carry it legally concealed. (Many states allow “open carry” and very often just the sight of a holstered handgun can be a great defuser and deterrent.) If you are opposed to that I would make a suggestion: Go to a sporting goods store or a state police station and get a recommendation to a firearms and self-defense instructor. These folks give classes that are often required for obtaining a state concealed weapons license. Talk to this person, explain your concerns, and ask if you could sit in on his class. You might have to pay, but you might also discover that many of the things you thought you knew about handguns are not true. Your new knowledge might save your life, and give you confidence that will improve the quality of your outdoor experience.
The FBI, no friend to the armed citizen, estimates that somewhere between one and three million times each year a firearm is used to prevent a violent crime, the vast majority with no shots fired. Other reputable organizations put that estimate much higher. It’s useful to remember that you are not carrying a weapon to KILL someone, but only to STOP an attack that endangers your life.
I hope I haven’t gone on too long about this, but I think it is a very important subject. I also hope that my remarks have been somewhat helpful.

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#200424 Step Into This Thread, So I Can Make You Feel Old...

Posted by Eric Mayer on 16 August 2015 - 12:24 PM

...myself included...  :(


Back in 2002, mere months after The Casita Club began, I took my wife (Debbie) and 4 year old step-daughter (Lilly) on their first camping trip in my Casita.  It was an awesome trip, with us heading to the Eastern Sierra area of California, staying at Convict Lake.  We used the Casita as a base-camp, while we visited every nook and cranny of the Eastern Sierra and White Mountain ranges.  We went off the beaten path and checked out wild horses, old stage coach stops, ghost towns, petrified trees, petroglyphs and so many other places, that I cannot remember.


Attached File  00aL-2.jpg   135.07KB   646 downloads


While traveling around, Lilly rode between Debbie and I in my Dodge Ram, while sitting in a child's booster seat.  On one of the days, she forgot her shoes back at camp, so Debbie made her shoes out of duct tape (over her socks).  That certainly didn't slow her down, as we traveled across the desert and met up with folks we will never forget, like an old grizzled miner, named "Tonopah Mike" (can you guess where he lived?), who knew where we could pick-up a pair of "little feet shoes".


That same day, we headed up to an area called, "The Sump".  It is a mountain, that has slowly eroded away, revealing petrified trees at the bottom of the canyon.  Well, Lilly had breakfast at the top of "The Sump", looking down at the spectacular view, from a cliff that fell off into nothing.  Across the valley below, was the towering White Mountain range, which is often forgotten because of its bigger brother, the Sierra Nevada.  I can't imagine very many 4 year olds ever getting to experience anything like that.


Attached File  00aL-1.jpg   167.66KB   618 downloads


After checking out the view and getting up-close inspections of horned lizards and other desert critters, we headed down to the trees and Lilly leaned up against the stoney "bark" for a picture.  It was pretty amazing to think that this tree had been frozen in time and buried by volcanic ash, then reappeared after centuries of rain and wind eroded everything around it.  Ironic still, that the tree still stood, where the ash that took its life washed away...


Attached File  00aL-3.jpg   248.73KB   587 downloads


I remember getting back to the campground that day and building a big fire so we could warm up after some thunderstorms rolled through and dropped the temperatures.  We talked about the day and all we had experienced.  It was a great trip and we all dreaded the end of our adventure, when we packed up and headed home.


So what's the point of this "story"?  Well, tomorrow we will be leaving Southern California and driving up to Idaho, because that same 4 year old little girl who experienced everything on that trip, is starting a new adventure.  We will be taking her to University, to begin her freshman year.  That same little girl in the pictures above, is now an Honor student, who has received a full tuition scholarship to study biology, on a Pre-Vet track.  Debbie and I knew back in kindergarten, when Lilly wanted to be a veterinarian for Halloween, that she would probably end up in that direction.  Her very hard work, her drive and her life-long love of animals, brought her to this point.  We have so much faith and belief in her, but it is still an exciting, but scary and sad time.  We will miss her, until we see her again.


Attached File  00aL-4.jpg   125.29KB   584 downloads


These past 14 years have gone by in a flash, with so many memories that I can barely remember.  So, while you are out an about enjoying nature, family and friends, drink it in.  Taste it, like a cold glass of water on a blistering hot day.  After time, you will remember that moment and for a second, maybe you will be lucky enough to taste it (experience it) again.


Stay safe my friends and enjoy what you have!




Eric  B)


PS:  If I am not quick to answer any PMs, or take care of any forum issues, this is why.

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#192593 October 2014 Photography Contest - Fall Colors

Posted by Possum on 02 October 2014 - 07:58 PM

I drove by this one morning last year and thought it was a "right place at the right time" shot so I turned around and went back to get the picture.


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#167541 New 17' Independence Deluxe Travel Trailer - More Pictures Added

Posted by CasitaTravelTrailers on 08 February 2013 - 06:58 PM

Casita is very proud to announce that we have a new floor plan available, we call her the Independence.

It will have an upgraded bathroom, kitchen area, and twin bed sleeping arrangements. We will have the demo model in our showroom next week so if your in the area please stop in. For those who cannot swing by, Casita will be uploading pictures to our website CasitaTravelTrailers.com as well as CasitaClub.com hopefully early next week. We are now currently taking orders for it with an approximate delivery time of May.

If you have questions please contact your sales representative at Casita, if you do not have a sales rep at Casita call anyway and we will get you one.

P.S. Its awesome!

-- Casita Enterprises

Here is a sneak peek:

Casita-Independence-Interior-Picture-1.jpg Casita-Independence-Interior-Picture-2.jpg Casita-Independence-Interior-Picture-3.jpg Casita-Independence-Interior-Picture-4.jpg Casita-Independence-Interior-Picture-5.jpg Casita-Independence-Interior-Picture-6.jpg Casita-Independence-Interior-Picture-7.jpg Casita-Independence-Interior-Picture-8.jpg Casita-Independence-Interior-Picture-9.jpg Casita-Independence-Interior-Picture-10.jpg Casita-Independence-Interior-Picture-11.jpg Casita-Independence-Interior-Picture-12.jpg Casita-Independence-Interior-Picture-13.jpg Casita-Independence-Interior-Picture-14.jpg
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#192613 October 2014 Photography Contest - Fall Colors

Posted by wrogers on 03 October 2014 - 10:37 AM

Mt. Magazine Scenic Byway.



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#203611 New Saguaro Antenna

Posted by Dutchman on 19 January 2016 - 08:10 AM

My latest addition - new hi def antenna, picks up everything from south of the border.   At Organ Pipe National Monument where it will be 70 degrees today. My kind of winter, and my Casita makes it possible. B) 


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#199271 June/july 2015 Photo Contest - Your Best Panorama Shot

Posted by borderbrae on 30 June 2015 - 02:38 PM

Taken this month just east of Page, AZ. The crescent moon is lighting up the butte, Milky Way above. This was 2 exposures taken with my Canon 6D, using a Sanyang 24mm f 1.4 lens (lens set to f 2.0). Am posting the gif of this image so it will upload and download faster. 


Attached File  page-pano-1-copy.gif   377.76KB   6 downloads

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#196346 12 Years Aboard My Casita

Posted by Dutchman on 07 March 2015 - 06:13 PM

Twelve years ago, on 07 March 2003, I took delivery of my new Casita at the factory in Rice, Texas. Earlier that morning, I had purchased a '99 Toyota 4Runner from the Toyota dealer in Corsicana. New to me car, new trailer, new experience, first time towing, first automatic transmission in forty+ years. My left leg suddenly feels useless.


Fast forward to today. Never thought I would be aboard my Casita as long as I have. To be truthful, about five or so years ago I decided enough was enough, time to do something different. But something or another got in the way, can't quite recall what, and here I am, in a lifestyle that seems to have become permanent. Sitting still is not one of my skills. I am a wanderer. I just have to see what lies beyond yonder hill.


Lately, I've begun to wonder if I am possibly setting a record for longest continued Casita occupancy. I have not missed a single night aboard since the day I bought the Casita. I guess that "Home is where I park it".


Inexpensive luxury on a modest budget.


(The wandering) Dutchman.





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#181052 A "new Look" Inside

Posted by Rob and Linda on 08 November 2013 - 02:10 PM

After three and a half years, our 'black denim' look just wasn't singing to us any longer. Thinking that we wanted a more [for lack of a better word] "sleek" look, we opted for 'vanilla' (color) marine vinyl for the cushions and a cotton (linen-like) print for the curtains. As with the black denim curtains, these new ones are fully lined with Roc-Lon 'black out' lining. I actually made the curtains myself (Linda doesn't sew!) using my mother's old Ward's Signature sewing machine... I am really proud of how they turned out!


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#212058 Thank You For The Casita Club!

Posted by thetravelkids on 22 April 2017 - 07:02 AM

In a recent posting on the "other" Casita owners forum, Eric, the owner of this website, was "slam-dunked" for "monetizing" The Casita Club forum.

I admit, I had to look up the definition of "monetizing." Sure isn't a word I use daily!

Anyway, Eric was further "slam-dunked" because he is no longer a Casita owner. Hey! Things change! So should all non-Casita owners be admonished for participating in either forum?

The author of the posting I'm referring to has well over 4,000 posts here on the Casita Club forum. I wonder how many of those posts of hers are pushing her guide?

So is she "monetizing?" Perish the thought!

Just in my humble opinion, it sure sounds like the kettle is calling the pot black to me.

You can form your own opinion.

“Like it or not, time passes, and that’s why nothing will ever be the same it used to be.  Things are meant to change.”


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#190993 A Few B&w From The Las Vegas Trip

Posted by arlon on 16 August 2014 - 06:04 PM

This is near Tinney New Mexico between Roswell and Ruidoso (tree was lightly "painted" with a flashlight).




Near Holbrook AZ




Walnut Canyon National Monument near Flagstaff AZ. This rock reminds me of a grumpy old man (kind of like me).


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#212062 Thank You For The Casita Club!

Posted by Carol Christensen on 22 April 2017 - 09:37 AM

I appreciate Casita Club and the work Eric has put into it over the years.  It's been a wonderful source of enjoyment and generally a very comfortable place to spend my time.  Good job Eric.

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#204957 We Scored!

Posted by DeBreez on 29 March 2016 - 05:14 PM

We just returned from the other side of the state with a 2015 17' SD in tow. A nice couple near Fort Myers decided to part with their Spirit, and I was fortunate enough to be searching Craigslist within minutes of it being posted.

I called, expressed my sincere interest, played hooky from work today and made the three hour drive. The trailer looks like it has never been used, and has pretty much every option except the electric tongue jack.

It started pounding rain as soon as we hooked up, cleared over the Everglades, then rehydrated us as we got near civilization. No problems, it towed like a breeze behind the Tundra, and we now know it doesn't leak.

Can't wait to break it in. Maybe we'll camp out in the driveway.
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#198877 June/july 2015 Photo Contest - Your Best Panorama Shot

Posted by Va Hillbilly on 15 June 2015 - 12:50 PM

Denali (The Great One)


Photo of Mount McKinley (20,237') was taken from about 35 miles away.  This Panorama was put together using Photoshop from photos taken with Nikon D7000 camera & 70 - 300 mm lens.  Lens was adjusted to 70 mm.  Photos were taken in July 2014.


Attached File  DenaliPanorama1p.jpg   81.21KB   5 downloads




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#194975 Window Sticker

Posted by Terry on 01 January 2015 - 12:17 PM

This is from a post I made on the Casita Facebook page:

What else do you do on a cold day wishing you were gone camping . . . I made a vinyl sticker for my car window. I am not going to sell them but if you happen to catch me out camping in the Casita this season aske me if I have a spare window sticker. I plan on carrying some with me.

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#190447 Solo Self Protection

Posted by Euphoria on 06 August 2014 - 06:16 AM

If you decide on a firearm for personal protection, and it is purely your choice if you decide to, I would suggest nothing smaller than a .38/.357 Mag. or a 9mm. Most women, and no offense meant here, are usually drawn to wanting to carry small caliber "cute" pistols that are commonly called "mouse guns," and are of such diminutive calibers as .25 Auto, .32 Auto, or even the little .22 Long Rifle caliber guns. These are not what would be referred to as "man-stoppers" for personal defense. I always carry a pistol, even if I go to the corner store. Be sure to get the proper classroom and range training and any permits to carry a concealed weapon if you do want to carry one for personal protection and peace of mind.

Not to get into a debate on pros and cons of concealed carry, or on personal reasons or ethical issues of carrying a potentially lethal weapon, just be sure that if you decide to go this route, choose your weapon carefully. Your life may well depend on that choice if an occasion arose which required an extreme measure to be taken if your life or personal safety are in danger. 


As to bear spray or mace, all I can say is, based on personal first-hand experience when I was involved in police work, I have had, and witnessed, miserable performance from mace on many subjects. It is particularly ineffective on drunks and mentally impaired types, so caveat emptor on having only the spray being your defense. Yes, it's better than nothing, but not by much...


I have a concealed carry license for WA, (over 40 yrs.,) and for OR and UT as well.

Former Certified WSCJTC Police Firearms Instructor, and Reserve Police Officer

NRA Range Safety Officer, and avid sports shooter, aka "range rat".

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#184463 Living in a Casita Fulltime on Social Security

Posted by Don on 11 March 2014 - 10:38 AM

Then again - even thou the question was old, the responses are still of value and maybe someone new has the same question. It is all good!

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#171634 The "other" Casita Website

Posted by Eric Mayer on 08 May 2013 - 10:18 PM

Wow John! I am taken aback at your post about myself and The Casita Club. I started The Casita Club back in May of 2000 when I bought a Casita Travel Trailer. Up until February of 2011, I supported this site out of my pocket and with some occasional donations from members. The ads on my site began in February 2011, due to the need for The Casita Club website to start paying its own way after I lost my career of 15 years. I don't have paying "sponsors" of this website, in fact please ask any of the sponsors listed in our after-market forums, as well as Eileen (Love My Casita), RX (Susan's Shades) and some of the other folks that sell products or services to Casita owners and not one will tell you that I have asked them for money. In fact, the only thing I ask for is to participate in our yearly giveaway, which they benefit from (hopefully), but it is not required. I have watched and cheered on other sites and businesses that were created because of this community and do everything I can to help them out because I know they fill a need in the Casita Club community.

We sold our trailer years ago when our daughter was too old to fit three of us in a 16' Spirit Deluxe. We also got caught up in the rumors of a new, 19' trailer that was being planned and were hoping to move to that one day. This has never diminished my passion for Casita trailers, their owners and this Club.

With regards to my giveaways. I have ALWAYS done giveaways of some kind on this website (ask Carol Christensen, as she seems to win something in every one of them). Even when there were no ads. The t-shirts have always been a popular giveaway, because our main business is designing and printing t-shirts, so it's a no-brainer! The giveaways on The Casita Club drive conversation and FUN, which is what this site is all about, and what too many of the other sites out there lack. I wonder if you think that my planned "Trivia Contest" that I am holding in June is some sort of master marketing plan as well? :lol:

Let me add one more thing that I've only discussed with a handful of people on this site. I have had numerous offers to purchase this site, for a LOT of money. In fact, the same company that ended up purchasing FiberglassRV approached me before they made a deal. I turned them down. My email back to him was something along the lines of not being able to give up something that was so important to me and so many others. I know what happens to sites when they get gobbled up by large entities. The passion that started them normally dies and the sites do not have the same vibe. I want The Casita Club to be fun, bring owners together to discuss their trailers and give perspective owners information they can use when deciding on whether to purchase a Casita Travel Trailer, or not.

I hope now that you understand more about myself, my passion for this Club and its members and the reason why this site has been around longer than any of those mentioned in this thread.

With that being said, I think portions of your post are out of line and I wish you would have thought to ask me before you guessed at what my motives are.


Eric A. Mayer
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#166647 Learn How To Be Safe In Bear Country

Posted by Bobinyelm on 24 January 2013 - 04:02 PM

Follow these rules if you encounter a monstrous bear as these product testers did in British Columbia, and you should be OK.
Notice that NONE of these people ran away (the professional hunter guarding the party kept people reasonably calm)

A few years back we walked into some beautiful hot springs in the Yukon and lazed around for a few hours. A month later two people were killed and eaten on that very trail. At Katmai Park in Western AK, a lady ranger was likewise killed and eaten on the very trail my wife and I had walked to the viewing area alone one evening that overlooked the river where these bears feed during the salmon run. From the viewing stand one can literally reach out and pet the bears (if one is a complete idiot, of course).

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#162897 Hello Again, Solo Female Travelers!

Posted by KelleyL on 22 September 2012 - 04:26 PM

I just wanted to reintroduce myself to the Solo Female Travelers...I signed on awhile back, but I'm not on the forum much. I have a 17 ft Spirit Deluxe that I bought in 2011. I traveled and lived in it for 9 months, until I bought a house. I love to travel in my Casita! I knew nothing about hitching or towing or any of that stuff when I started out. It can all be learned! I avoided backing up for a whole year and I always stayed in pull throughs. Finally learned how to back up confidently last summer. It has been an awesome experience. I substitute teach and I have 2 weeks off in December and I'm looking at Sedona, AZ and the Grand Canyon. I so admire all of the ladies that are traveling solo!
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