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Snow In Texas And It AiníT Christmas

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#1 West Texan

West Texan
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Posted 14 February 2021 - 04:52 PM

Have I mentioned him much that I dislike snow?
It has been snowing all day here. I am at about a foot deep of snow out here at my house in the hot, dry desert of West Texas! It is supposed to snow until morning! The temp got down to minus ten degrees this morning! I have never seen anything like this out here and I hope that I never do! Snow is pretty to look at and maybe ski on, but I still do not like it! I have a snow shovel to clean the street and driveway with; it is called a Kubota tractor with a front loader on it. LOL

#2 vermilye

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Posted 15 February 2021 - 07:46 AM

Maybe I am glad I decided to skip my usual southwest winter trip this year!  On the other hand, I also have grown tired of snow, and here is the view of the back deck at the house in Oswego. (We average 150" - 200" of snow here each winter)

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Posted 15 February 2021 - 08:52 AM

We here in Puget Sound have just started shoveling out. Seattle got off relatively lightly, as it always does. Where I live we got 15 inches of snow. I hate snow. Yes. It's pretty, but it sure in hell buggers up the roads, and we live in an area where they just can't justify plowing the roads. Three of my neighbors have Big Boy Toys (tractors with either a front end loader or a snowplow and they toodle up and down the road, having a ball plowing. But I still have to dig out my vehicles using snow shovels.

I grew up in MI, where everyone had a snow blower and a snow machine. I have never seen a snow blower here in Western WA. Times like this I'd give weeks pay (which, being retired, means zero but you know what I mean) for my dad's hulking monster of a snow blower. It was big, heavy, noisy, and would beat you up when using it, but it went through snow like a hot knife through butter.  Now  I live in the PNW, where snow like this only comes once every four or five years. Most folks don't even have snow shovels!


Now, when I know we're going to get a big snow, I pack my Tundra with tire chains, a mat to kneel on and a shovel to dig out with. I park it up by the road so that I don't have to dig several hundred feet of driveway. I stock up before hand so I don't need to go out. Then I sit and hope the power doesn't go out. This time we lucked out, we didn't lose power, although I'm not sure about Jerrybob, who lives closer to the coast and so gets a lot more wind. .


Beware, East of Washington. You have a big hulking hunk of snow coming at you. Good luck.

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Posted 15 February 2021 - 10:11 AM

We live near the coast....I can see the bay from our deck.....we rarely get snow but Meadowlark is right.....we got some a few days ago....nothing like you folks....we had maybe 3 to 4 inches....only the second time we had that much in our 19 years here....we have a steep driveway....used my tractor to plow the driveway.....it's now 42 deg. out there and raining.....very little snow remaining.....will be high 40's later today.....our yonger dog loves the snow....Saturday was like Dineyland for him.....be safe all....stay warm! 

#5 Dutchman

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Posted 15 February 2021 - 11:32 AM

Fourteen years in Seattle and only once seen snow in town. However, it got down to about 09 degrees F one time, and lots of pipes and stuff froze in the Shilshole marina where I lived for several years aboard my 28ft Pearson Triton (pre-training for confined Casita living later).






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