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Dining Table

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Posted 14 April 2020 - 10:13 AM

Has anyone moved the holder thingy on the floor to a different location

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Posted 14 April 2020 - 02:36 PM

Has anyone moved the holder thingy on the floor to a different location

Do you mean the pedestal leg under the middle of the table?


Since we have the full time bed in the back end of our SD, we only have, (and only need,) the side dinette table. This works out well for us. Well, lately with both of us not getting any younger, and neither of us wanting to do the "crawl-over" routine anymore, we now use the side dinette as my wife's bed in the evening. (It's not all that bad, since it gives her a little distance from my occasional snoring.) Since I'm 6'2", I'm just a little bit too long to use the side dinette as a bed, but it fits my wife fine. Now either of us can get up as needed much easier. We also bought a nice thick roll-up fabric "bedroll style" cushion which we put on it, so she has a little bit more padding than just the seat cushions. Anyway, taking the bed down and setting it back up again as a table soon got to be a bit of a chore with the pedestal leg, so I installed a wall mounted table support. It's a two piece extruded aluminum channel assembly that locks together in the horizontal position, but tilt it up a bit and it releases the back of the table from the wall mounted portion. One piece mounts to the trailer bulkhead and the mating section mounts to the back (wall side) of the table top. I also added an extendable/collapsible folding leg which I mounted to the outer (aisleway) end of the table. Now we can set it up as a bed or back again as a table in about 10 seconds. It also allowed me to get rid of the center pedestal leg. (Actually, I never cared for the center leg under the table.) Besides taking up a large chunk of floor space due to its placement, it virtually rendered that space useless as a storage area as well, which we find especially useful now when we are in transit, I also didn't like constantly banging my knees into it either. Additionally, the table is much more stable and steady with the wall bracket as opposed to the wobbly old pedestal leg. The wall mount section is through-bolted to a wood support on the wall with a few 1/4" X 20 stainless machine screws and fender washers and nylock nuts inside. They are mounted with snap caps outside, and they are situated just below the belly band. They just blend in with all the other snap caps outside, so you really don't even notice them. I just left the existing flush mount floor pedestal cup where it was in the floor and just placed a rubber mat over the whole footwell area. You don't even know it's there.




The table leg, as it came, has several holes for adjusting the length of the leg. (A one piece leg won't work, It will either be too long to fold up under the table, or too short when lowered to the floor.) I didn't like having to go through each adjustment hole one-by-one to raise or lower it, so I removed the lower section and turned it 90 degrees. This gave me a clean slate to work with. I drilled just one hole for the spring loaded detent pin to catch at the height I needed when in the lowered position. Push the button once and it will easily retract, pull it down vertically and then pull the lower section out until it clicks. All set. Some people complained in the product reviews about the little spring behind the folding release lever not staying in place. I found this too. My solution was to drill a hole through the handle lever and the aluminum tube. I captivated the spring with a small screw and nylock nut running through the middle if the spring. It isn't going anywhere now.



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Posted 14 April 2020 - 04:55 PM

We have an LD which has 3 different places the leg can be inserted.  One is close to the rear so we've never used it.  We do use the other 2 recessed bases with a smallish table usually set up in the back but often moved forward nearer the kitchen.  Depends on our mood.  Where would you relocate it?


If the recessed base is what you want to move, it would mean drilling a hole in the floor.  That could be very difficult to do without damaging the fiberglass under the floor.  I'm sure there are other types of legs that would not be permanent but would allow the table to be moved.  And, I think there are covers for the unused holes in the recessed bases.

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Posted 15 April 2020 - 05:01 AM

A friend of mine  used one of these in her Patriot for years and seemed to like it. For $36 at a big box store, it would sure be more versatile and a lot less hassle than moving one of those floor recepticles. 





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Posted 15 April 2020 - 05:36 AM

When we were doing a twin bed mod to our Spirit Deluxe we needed to change our table situation.

We removed the 2 table sockets  from the bottom of the large table top and mounted one on a new piece of plywood.

We made a new table top and attached the 2nd table socket under it. 

With the new base plywood, you can use it any where there is a level ground.  Inside or out. 

Here's a link to an old post with a picture.


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