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Suburban Stove Regulator Leaking

stove regulator

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#1 sjrayfie

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Posted 20 August 2018 - 02:22 PM

Hello...I have a 2 burner  Suburban (SDN2) original equipment stove that has a small propane leak on the 'out' side of the regulator going into the manifold. See attached photo. I think its coming from the threads so my first attempt to repair the leak is trying to either tighten or take it apart the threads and try to fix the leak by using gas pipe teflon tape and re-tighten. It looks like the 'out' part of the regulator has some type of tape on it but I am needing advice on how to loosen the threads of the regulator.



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#2 Hot Toddy

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Posted 22 August 2018 - 09:24 AM

You probably have to remove the inline first and then unscrew the regulator from the male connection on the outline. In lieu of Teflon tape for gas, they make a product now that looks like a thin paste. It is much better than Teflon tape in applications where bouncing or vibration are an issue. It seals the connection rather than just filling in the space between threads. You can find tubes of it for around $7 at the home improvement stores in the plumbing aisle. Probably right next to the rolls of Teflon tape. Best of luck!