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Update On Extra 4'

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#1 stratos175

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Posted 10 August 2018 - 03:33 AM

Hello Casita World,


I had started a topic called Extra 4' and really appreciated all the responses I received, the last one was, well what did you do?


Happy and a little sad to say yesterday I bought a a perfect 10 in condition 2014 21' Escape. 


Why Happy?

I have one of those personalities where if I decide I want something I research it to death and also make sure I get a good deal. Good thing I don't want too many things. LOL I know for an Escape I got a really great deal on this and pretty sure I'm the only person in GA that owns one. I say that because when I called the factory about referral closest person to me was in Chattanooga,  I like things unique like a Casita the Escape is just a little more unique.

It has pretty much every option we wanted on it except the wrap around dinette, that is something we intend to add.


Why Sad?

We love our Matilda and as mentioned in several other post I've made this site and the people that are part of this community are 50% of the reason we bought a Casita to start with. To think I will no longer be a part of the Casita Club is just sad, no I don;t think I will be kicked out and I know we would be welcomed with open arms to any rally we wanted to attend. We have really enjoyed owning her and have many fun memories.


Why Happy?

OK will admit we bought our Casita site unseen not just the one I bought but one at all, yes I had seen the outside of one but never the inside. I bought it on Ebay 10 minutes after it was listed, I gave them there asking price and ended the auction. Another reason I'm happy is pretty sure a friend of mine is going to buy are Casita so i know she will have a good home. If he buys it the price we agreed to means we had 4 years of fun in her for about $400.00 and that's only because of the few upgrades we made. So yes Casita's do hold their value.


Why Sad?

WOW an Escape 21' sure is a lot bigger overall then the 17' Casita. I have to admit the same thing again, never saw the inside of an Escape until the one I just bought and really had never seen one up close and 4' extra sure is a lot bigger and wonder how much that will effect the ease of towing and getting into campsites.


Yes we are very excited about our new home on wheels and the fact we plan on being camp host in our retirement life (still about 4 years away unfortunately) still believe this extra space will be something we like having but I guess time will tell.


THANK YOU for all the advice many of you have shared on this forum.


Safe travels to all and if you see a 21' Escape with GA tag please ask miss that Casita yet?


Steve and Patty

#2 clairemr1

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Posted 10 August 2018 - 05:26 AM

thanks, steve, for responding to my query by providing the "rest of your story". like you, i make thoughtful decisions after extensive research, sometimes years. i'm definitely NOT a spontaneous buyer, which has saved me lots of time, aggravation & cash over the years. also, like you, i'd never actually seen the inside of a casita 13ft PD, although i'd seen one "shell" under construction at the factory. couldn't tell much, it was really just half the egg, but the employee pointed out where the bathroom, bed, sink, etc would eventually go. however, i'd done extensive research, attended every rv show in the dfw area, visited the casita factory several times for years & had decided the casita was the one for me. i chose the 13ft PD due to the limitations of my then 19yr old tow vehicle & due to my inexperience with towing/camping in any rv.

    when i drove to nearly the texas gulf coast from the north dallas area to buy my 4 month old 2013 PD on 2/1/14, i was blown away by it & immediately knew i was "home". i've never once regretted my decision & have no plans to change to anything else. it's been extremely easy to tow, park, maintain yet offers all the comforts i require, although i do wistfully wish i had a small freezer every once in awhile. fortunately, small freezers are available everywhere, so a solution is out there, if i ever decide i definitely want one.the icing on the cake has been the many casita friends/travel companions from all over the country & especially here in texas. they've provided me with solid information about all things casita & i camp/travel with several of them regularly.

    if i were ever forced to change, i'd purchase a 17ft casita LD. however, i've also done extensive research on all of the other brands out there & i'd go to escape if i ever feel the need for more than 17ft or a truly 4 season trailer, which casita isn't. imho they build a good quality 4 season trailer at a very reasonable price. quality control is excellent as reported by owners.

    best of luck with your escape. safe travels.

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#3 Meadowlark

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Posted 10 August 2018 - 10:32 AM

stratos175, why in the world do you think you can no longer be a member of Casita Club? I mean, really, WHY??? There's folks on this forum...Rob and Linda hits my mind right off the bat...who no longer own a Casita but I, for one, still consider them members, friends and would hate to not have them  around or gain from their advice anymore.


I don't think Eric will come around with a truncheon saying get out. For that matter...I may be wrong, but I am not sure if Eric even camps anymore. It doesn't matter. I seldom if ever check to see what a member owns. I really don't care.

. It's what you bring to the campfire that counts. (no, not just free cold beer... <_<, I mean experience). I, for one, think of a member of this forum in other ways. what kind of person are they? what is their online persona..do they hide behind the so called anonymity of a 'handle' and an avatar? Do they take this anonymity as an opportunity to troll, or flame, call me names, falsely accuse me or libel me? Are they a ****head??  If so, I block them and ignore them. It's not the trailer they own, it's the person I look for.


I like to hang with people who are kind, polite, respectful, friendly, and are willing to take the time to give me the advice I seek, or..just read my extremely long and are patient with my sometimes off topic posts.  What they're camping in means nothing.


I have learned so much from so many people on this forum, it's all been well meant advice, anecdotes from experience, and the kindness to accept me for who and what I am that makes me a Casita Clubber.



Let's face it, campers are pretty much all alike, be they fiberglass or stick built. Just like cars, it doesn't matter if it's a Ford or a Toyota or a VW, it still has: an engine, four tires, a transmission and a steering wheel, to name just a few. Strip the model and make plastic letter tags off and unless you're really , really good at identifying cars, you're going to be stuck figuring out what brand it is.


So, Stratos175, I don't care if you're in an Escape, a tent, or even...well. okayyyyyy.......a skyblocker of an RV.  Go ahead park your monster sized way too big for me Escape :P  next to my dinky 17' ft Casita and come over to the fire.

I hope you stick around.

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