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Outlets & Refrigerator Not Working

outlets electrical

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#1 traveling_greniers

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Posted 13 November 2016 - 05:31 PM

We are total newbies to this RV thing... so bear with me!  ;-)    We recently hooked up our (new to us) 17ft. 2003 Spirit Casita to "shore power" at our house and noticed that none of the outlets work.  So I replaced the fuse... and still no power to the outlets.  I then tried to light up the refrigerator in the AC mode... didn't work either.  *sigh* I have looked all over for the GFI... and can't find which one has the reset.  We have a bipass switch on the battery... and it's in the "off" position.  I also plugged my cell phone into our "cigarette" lighter in the ceiling and noticed that the power is going on/off/on/off... etc.  HALP!  


Follow up:  found the GFI!  Hooray!

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Danielle & Matt

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#2 flcoxjr

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Posted 13 November 2016 - 06:06 PM

Did resetting the GFI solve your problems? If not, check the circuit breakers in the power center.

#3 Joe Romas

Joe Romas
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Posted 13 November 2016 - 06:49 PM

The bypass  battery switch should be ON when camping.

The bypass switch is for when the trailer is in storage or long term shore power like when it's sitting in your driveway. 

The 12 volt outlet up by the TV is connected to battery power to prevent electrical noise from the converter when your on shore power.

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#4 Wally Z

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Posted 13 November 2016 - 07:53 PM

Try the GFI next to the stove on the side by the bed.  I assume you checked the house breakers and outlet you have it plugged in to. Also I believe you have to have battery on for refrigerator controls to work. They operate off of 12vdc

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#5 Euphoria

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Posted 14 November 2016 - 06:51 AM

Danielle & Matt,

Welcome to the forum. I'm sure you will love your new trailer, but there is a little bit of a learning curve associated with it, as with most "new toys." There is a lot of good info on the forum, and many folks who have a lot of technical knowledge and experience with these glass eggs available to assist you on your new journey.


I'm not sure what "fuse" you checked or replaced, but FWIW, all 12 vdc circuits are protected by fuses. All 120 vac loads are protected by circuit breakers. There are no 120 vac fuses on these trailers.


Are all of the trailer's 120 vac outlets not working, or just the ones on the right side of the trailer? First, check the converter panel's circuit breaker (for the outlets) and make sure that it isn't tripped. If the problem is only with the outlets on the right side, then I would suspect that your GFCI outlet next to the stove, (on the rear vertical side of the fiberglass cabinetry just aft of the stove,) may be tripped. If you find that it has tripped, try resetting it, but if it still won't reset, then you may have a problem with corrosion on the outside convenience outlet next to the lower refrigerator vent.


This GFCI outlet controls not only itself, but also feeds power "downstream" to the 120 vac outlets supplying power to the microwave cabinet, the outlet for the refrigerator, (accessible by removing the outside lower fridge vent cover,) and the outside convenience outlet.


The outside receptacles have been known to develop corrosion problems from bad, missing, or old and dried out weather seals around the weatherproof cover plate. When these gaskets go bad it allows moisture intrusion into the receptacle box. You can check for corrosion if you remove the weather proof cover plate. Be sure to pull your shore power cord first to make sure you don't electrocute yourself while working on the receptacle. If your outside receptacle does show corrosion on the terminal screws and wires attached thereto, then that's most likely the fault. Corrective action will require replacement of the receptacle. Do not attempt to "clean" it, since this remedy won't work for long. Just replace it outright if it is corroded. Also, be sure to get a new weatherproof gasket for the cover plate as well. These should be changed out every few years anyway since they dry out and crack when they get old.


Also, the fridge, while operating on 120 vac, still requires 12 vdc power to operate the fridge's control board, so make sure that your 12 vdc power is available as well.


(Just an aside, in your OP you stated that you have a 17' Spirit, (which is what I went with in this post,) but then below your avatar, I see that it states that you have a 17' Freedom.  ?????)

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