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Newish Member. Finally Ordered A 2017 Sd


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Posted 27 September 2016 - 07:03 AM

    tom, congratulations on your casita acquisition, i don't think you will regret it for one second. as for suggestions of mods, i would take some time to get to know your "camping style" before you jump in and spend thousands of dollars on things/changes that may never be of benefit to you. many casita owners are camping for years with absolutely no mods done whatsoever, the trailer is good to go from the start. the rest of us do mods as we camp or talk with owners and find out some things that would be useful for us to do to ours too.

    i would be sure to buy a water filter from walmart for your fresh water hose to protect the plumbing on your new trailer from dirt/sand/debris common in some campground water systems and a good surge protector to both check for proper wiring at the campground post and to prevent a sudden power surge from potentially damaging the electrical system.a good door stop as mentioned above to prevent the door from swinging out and banging into the belly band is also crucial. i also use 3 more of the domed stops to prevent the spare tire from rubbing the gelcoat.

    read/reread everything that comes with your trailer, camp with others at rallies or whenever possible and chat them up, watch the many youtube videos pertaining to the casita and be sure to read BOTH casita sites. they are both excellent sources of information and the "other" one is the only one larry gamble of "little house customs" posts on. the other moderator is a long time casita owner and  posts free info on all the different casitas, very very good information to be able to access. many of us are on both sites, so you'll find the same good helpful info there as well, so don't be afraid to ask.

    take time to learn your trailer, there is a learning curve, but rest assured this is a very easy trailer to learn and enjoy. you'll be amazed how quickly you pick up on the workings of your trailer. safe travels and happy camping...........................

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