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Food And Camping - Microwave Cooking

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Us burros
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Posted 19 September 2015 - 04:54 PM

HERE's a "better than air popper" for popping popcorn in microwave. We used one for five years and couldn't wear it out, but it looked so bad we replaced it.

Just be safe, cook anything and everything in glass in a microwave.

Want the best tasting sweet potato? Make sure it's a Georgia Red variety. We cut them raw in about 1 -1½ inch chunks, place in glass and cook in microwave. Not as good as oven baked, but good enough for the road.

#17 Dutchman

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Posted 20 September 2015 - 06:13 AM

Now I'm hungry  :( 


No generator, no microwave. Old fashioned.  Bacon has too much bad fat.  



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Tom Dunn
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Posted 20 September 2015 - 10:25 AM

We make hamburger patties (don't take up much freezer space) and take some pre cooked meals. The freezer fills up pretty quickly though. I like the pre cooked bacon because it doesn't really even need to be refrigerated. Also microwave oatmeal and grits packages. The frozen microwave pancakes are good also and can be kept in the refrigerator instead of freezer for at least a week. I lay down a sheet of foil on my Webber Q1000 then an aluminum baking pan (upside down). You can cook canned biscuits on low heat. That method worked recently for those little individual pizzas. Stouffer's makes some ok frozen dinners in a pinch. We also brought a small toaster oven but that along with the grill starts cluttering things up. We usually leave it at home. Kraft makes some little Mac & Cheese cups that can be microwaved. To store all non perishable stuff I put together what I call the Port a Pantry. It's just milk crates zip tied together and tied down at the rear of our 4Runner.

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Tom & Sue

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Posted 20 September 2015 - 10:44 AM

When on the road, I stop at an Arby's (or any other roast beef/BBQ place. Order some roast beef sandwiches then instruct them to place the amoung of meat for the sandwiches, the pickles/onions, and buns in separate containers. The meat and condiments go in the fridge, and the buns don't get soggy. Then re-assemble at the campground. Roast beef tastes fine room temp. Hamburgers, deep fried stuff, not.


The milk carton storage is great. I have used them for years.


I bought my air popper from W-M for $16.88.  Works great for when we stay in a hotel that doesn't have a microwave.  Right at the end the exploding kernels go whizzing around the bathroom.  The old method of popping in a pot over the gas stove works good when there's no electricity.

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Tampa Rick
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Posted 20 September 2015 - 11:56 AM

Nothing wrong with using the microwave to assist you with cooking.  I use a convection oven, a grill, a microwave, and the Casita stove to get the cooking accomplish. We're talking camping afterall ---if I want "fine dining" I'll stay at the Ritz and not in my Casita.

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Posted 28 September 2015 - 04:20 AM

Hello Casita World,

Your question could have many answers depending on what you like and or want to eat.

Now a days anything can be made into a sandwich or wrap, you can make them healthy or unhealthy you decide. We tend to be very active when we camp since we are not retired yet so don't mind a few more calories as long as they are more healthy ones. We tend to cook everything on our weber Q grill so only have plates and silver ware to wash and even then wash them out side. we connect a dual hose connect to the water supply and connect small hose to do that sort of thing outside. If you prefer cooking in pots and want to keep it to one pot look up some back packing meals. I used to (wish I still did more of it) did that a lot and I liked being the chef, now a days you can get lots off stuff like chicken, salmon and other things in foil packs. One of my favorite meal was whole wheat noodles, little powdered milked to make creamy, parmesan cheese, package of salmon and some chives and dried tomatoes and you have a really good meal if you ask me and one pot to clean.


Safe and happy travels to all,

Steve and Patty.