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Shower Drain Question

repair questions shower drain leaks

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#1 cel639

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Posted 30 April 2014 - 06:51 AM

Hey there! 


I have a 13' Casita (Patriot I think?) that does not have a grey water tank.  Instead, there is an yellow, plastic, elbow-shaped outlet valve directly under the shower drain at the front of the trailer, closest to the tongue. In theory, the grey water is supposed to spill out directly under the trailer into the ground.


The gentleman we bought it from stated that he always attached a regular hose to this outlet valve so that the water would drain out somewhere other than right in your campsite.  However, every time we shower there is a big wet spot on the interior of the trailer directly in front of the shower door.  My theory is that either the hose is not draining fast enough and should not be on there in the first place, or there is some greater problem.   Unfortunately, the manual has nothing to say on the subject.   Does anyone have any insight into this problem? 

#2 borderbrae

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Posted 30 April 2014 - 06:37 PM

If the hose was draining slowly you'd find yourself standing in water as it drained out, is that happening? You shower curtain comes down below the door opening, right? Not getting caught on the door or anything? It would be frustrating if the shower pan is leaking. I'd try dumping a couple of gallons on the shower floor, watching for leaks around the shower pan. Not sure about how a 13' is built but maybe there is a leak between the shower pan and the outer shell there the pipe goes down, maybe the pipe is loose at the shower drain? Not sure  how you'd check that unless you can see up into the area or feel around there somehow? Maybe someone with more experience with an older model will speak up. 

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#3 Babs&Chris

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Posted 01 May 2014 - 09:20 AM

Well, you are right that the hose should not be there.  Discharging gray water directly onto the ground is prohibited  with the exception  (I have heard, but not personally experienced) in rare cases in arid areas where the property owner thinks gray water is better than no water and asks that gray water be dumped in their fields. 

Even if the water doesn't contain the germs that black water does, detergents and soaps that are in the water change its pH.  When it goes into the soil, it can change the acidity/alkalinity of the soil so that native plants that depend on a certain balance can die, making eventual bare spots or even making it attractive to invasive species that can survive in the altered soil.  (Campfire ash does this, too, as rainwater filters through it  (ever made lye soap) making the surrounding soil too alkaline to support the native ground cover.

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#4 Carol Christensen

Carol Christensen
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Posted 01 May 2014 - 12:10 PM

Is the hose draining any of the shower water on the ground?  And is any of the water collecting in the shower pan?  There have been changes over the years but our 1999 had a handle under the frame that allowed the shower drain to be opened or closed.  It is possible your 1986 has such a device, if so, the drain could be closed or only partially open restricting the flow.  Since you don't have a grey tank, your trailer may not have a way to open/close the drain but it's worth a try.


As Borderbrae suggested, if the water is backing up, it could be finding its way into a crack, uncaulked place, or loose connection.  To find the drain handle look or feel around under the frame, near where the tongue is attached on the door side, for a T-handle.  It's hard to see because it's hidden behind the frame and back a few inches.  If you find it, pull it straight towards you to open the drain, then pour some water into the shower drain to see if it all flows through.  With the drain fully open, the water may not find it's way into the interior.  Of course, you would still need to find and seal the place where the water is able to reach the interior so the floor is protected.

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