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#1 bob and helen

bob and helen
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Posted 21 October 2004 - 01:53 PM

does any of you carry a hand gun for protection or just peace of mind for you and your family? i have thought about it but i have not done it yet. if you do what kind of firearm do you use and where do you store it where it can be easily accessable?

#2 friday

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Posted 21 October 2004 - 02:32 PM

I am a single, older woman who often camps alone. I have never felt the need for a hand gun & would probably shoot myself if I had to use it.

I do pick my campgrounds & sites with care. If the time comes when I feel I need that much protection, I guess it would be time for me to stop camping.

Just my opinion,

#3 vanvan

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Posted 21 October 2004 - 03:50 PM

Yes. In this day and age, you never know. I have never had a problem while camping in over 35 years. However, you just never know. However, you have to be careful, because firearms are not allowed in some state and national parks. A couple of years ago before going to Big Bend National Park on a motorcycle, I called the park headquarters and checked on carrying a handgun. I was told that it was not permitted, but the ranger told me that he would never camp without one and to be sure if I did that it was not on my person and unloaded while I was in transit. I am sure each state has their own laws on State parks, so I wouuld check with them. I had a permi to carry a concealed weapon, and while in a a State park in Oklahoma, I was stopped for a routine traffic check. By law, when you give your licence to an officer, you must also give your concealed firearm permit. When I did, the officer went nuts and read me the riot act about firearms in state parks. I now no longer have the concealed weapons permit because I don't want the officer to know that I have the weapon even though it is not on my person. Bottom line is that I feel safer with the firearm. I carry a 9mm auto and keep the clip. out of the gun, but close by. I will be curious to hear other resposes.
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#4 playared

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Posted 21 October 2004 - 04:00 PM

I carry a HK 9mm semi auto or a Smith & Wesson revolver on most trips. We camp in the National Forest alone often and in Alaska often at road side rest areas, Fred Meyers, Lakes, etc.

For the states I have a concealed firearm permit I carry the fire arm where I want to out of site. Other states (most except for some in the North East) I only have the firearm loaded when we are in the trailer camper.

If you carry a firearm be sure you know the law from state to state or the things can get sticky. Canada is a special case the deal with. I donít know about Mexico. Also, get the training and know the issues (legal and psychological) associated with using the firearm

#5 Dex

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Posted 21 October 2004 - 04:06 PM

Handgun laws vary from state to state and how they can be carried vary also. Not all state concealed carry laws are honored by other states. You might want to consider peper spray or mace. While not legal in all states the penities for use would be less than a handgun.
You might check out the NRA website or do an internet search. Also, I do the IDPA and one thing you learn is that it is very difficult to hit anything without training.
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#6 casitamia

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Posted 21 October 2004 - 04:08 PM

I have and most of the time still do carry. I had a concealed weopons permit also , but found it to be to difficult and expensive to maintain and keep up with all the laws. A great website full of usefull information is http://www.packing.org/
I have traveled extensively in mexico. DO NOT EVER CARRY A GUN IN MEXICO. You will be caught and you will go to jail. I am interested in any information about carrying a weopon in Canada. I know I can't have a handgun ,but I believe I can have a rifle. Does anyone know for sure?
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#7 jdtrotter

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Posted 21 October 2004 - 05:58 PM

DO NOT EVER CARRY A GUN IN MEXICO. You will be caught and you will go to jail.

I know hunters who have gotten permits for hunting rifles in Mexico, but as a rule, you are correct. Since we often travel with a 22 revolver for when we are in isolated places, we make sure we check with each other before we head into Mexico---it is on our check list.

We have also learned to not admit to the Canadian border officials that we own a gun when asked. Once we told them we did not have it with us as we were aware of the law, but since we admitted that we owned one, they did not believe us. That was a fun experience :danc:

Thus, just be careful as to where you are going, and there are times you might not want to admit that you ever owned one.

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#8 vanvan

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Posted 21 October 2004 - 06:25 PM

I am a US/Canadian citizen and travel to Canada often . You cannot carry a handgun into Canada. There are circumstances where you can take a rifle or shotgun under certain circumstances, but the fee's and regulations are severe. If you do have a handgun in you posession when you reach Canadian customs, declare it and they will hold it for you in lockup, but you must exit Canada from the same crossing to claim it on your return to the US. You definately do not want to get caught with a gun of any kind in Mexico. You will do jail time, and it will cost you a fortune, and probably your rig.
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#9 rosietax

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Posted 21 October 2004 - 07:16 PM


I agree with Pat.

I have driven the Long Island Expressway at rush hour, ridden the Long Island Railroad and the subway in Manhattan at all hours, stayed at expensive motels/hotels on my yearly trip from Texas to New York (some of which house criminals and sex offenders), and gone to nightclubs in the South Bronx-----All without a gun!

If you use care, plan your trip, carry your small can of hairspray, a working cell phone, and a portable CB Radio, you can go anywhere, at anytime, and always be safe from physical harm.

For those of you who want to carry "guns," it is your right, as guaranteed under the Constitution.....For me, I just don't see a need to arm myself.

I think that some of you should think of Identity Thieft, prior to physical harm......Your vehicle license plate has a wealth of information, thanks to the internet, that criminals are using to "borrow" your identity. How many of you have your vehicles (to include Casita's) registered at a P.O. Box, or at Escapee's........

Additionally, how many of you have a "VIAL OF LIFE," in your Casita? This is a very important item........

I wish all of you, safe travels---and may we all meet someday,

#10 bmtvaquero

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Posted 21 October 2004 - 07:41 PM

If you use care, plan your trip, and carry your small can of hairspray, you can go anywhere, at anytime, and always be safe.


As a long time peace officer, I certainly don't advocate that anyone carry a firearm for self defense. There is a tremendous responsibility attached to the ownership and proper use of such.

But...............I can't agree with your statement quoted above. There are some mean, hateful, selfish, oxygen wasting animals in this world. And, if they decide to take you, all the care and planning and hairspray in the world ain't gonna stop them. Certainly, there are steps you can take to help make yourself safer and it appears you have done a good job of that in the past. I hope your lucky streak continues.

However, if there are those who are competent in the use of a firearm, who understand the responsibility of carrying one, and who accept the consequences of their actions, I certainly wouldn't discourage them from arming themselves.

Older Americans in general, and traveling older Americans specifically, are targets of criminal types. There are many documented cases where they became victims while innocently trying to enjoy this country of ours.

Opinion of one! :danc:
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#11 jdtrotter

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Posted 21 October 2004 - 08:09 PM

But...............I can't agree with your statement quoted above. There are some mean, hateful, selfish, oxygen wasting animals in this world.

Oh, how I wish you were wrong. I have always been a person who wanted to see the good in everyone, but then I taught school in a maximum security prison. While I would not say so about many of my students, I finally had to accept that there are some truly evil persons in the world. Even some of students with whom I got along well, I would not have wanted to meet in a dark alley, and there are the ones I would not want to meet in broad daylight in the middle of a crowded city.

My experience does not mean I live in more fear, but just live with a little more caution and reality.

Diane :danc:
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#12 Patrick and Bettye

Patrick and Bettye
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Posted 21 October 2004 - 08:12 PM

This topic has been raised before, and this is the longest, I believe, that the thread has carried.
There are so many people out there who share the same campground, and many do not like, nor do they want, handguns in the parks. When you elect to bring a handgun into their midst, you're as responsible for their safety as you are for your own. You are also obliged to obey the laws governing the parks.

I am accustomed to having some type of personal protection, and my carry weapon is a Kahr MK9 with factory installed Meprolight night sights. I have also spent a great deal of time in training and have found IDPA to be one of the best practical training and competition courses available. You learn very quickly just how much it takes to use a handgun effectively, and it ain't an easy thing to do, especially under duress.

I am most comfortable in competition with my Kimber 1911 (45 auto), but for carry purposes the Kahr MK9 (9mm) provides the heft I need along with the concealability and it is a very accurate short range pistol (7 yards and in). I have a great deal of confidence in that weapon, and it has replaced my S&W .357 revolver as my personal protection handgun.

(Caliber isn't always the measure of the effectiveness of a weapon. Ms. Bettye has an NAA Guardian .32, and she's accurate and comfortable with that one. :) )

IF you carry, know the laws and know your own limitations. Know that you should never use a pistol to threaten someone, and make danged sure you keep a flashlight closer to you than the gun. A good flashlight can temporarily blind your assailant at night (a really good one can blind them in the daylight), and it will help you identify the person you're facing as either a friend or an enemy. You will have to live with the decision to fire for the rest of your days so you best know what you're doing at the time.

There is so much more I haven't covered here that you should know before you ever put yourself in a position to use a handgun for protection. IDPA would be a great source of information and I highly recommend them.

My best advice:
I believe that my first and best option in a volatile situation is to, whenever possible, look for enough room to beat a hasty retreat. :danc: It's not cowardice, it's just plain good horse-sense.

Hope that helps,

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#13 ssgreg

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Posted 22 October 2004 - 03:42 AM

I also like the Kahr MK9 (9mm) as a carry gun, it is small, light and very accurate. When I travel between states that do not have reciprocity I wil strip my gun down, lock it up, store the ammo seperately and only put it back togeather if the area or situation warrants it. When in a state that has reciprocity there will be no problem. Being a Viet Nam vet I know the only one who is going to look out for my butt is me. I like to be prepared, better safe than sorry.
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#14 Egg Tripper

Egg Tripper
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Posted 22 October 2004 - 03:43 AM

Hi All,

I have traveled in Mexico extensively (30 of the 31 Mexican States) on business and fun excursions for the past 34 years. In Mexico, firearms of any sort INCLUDING ammunition are not allowed to be taken into the country. It is a hot-button issue that has a lot of political baggage for the Mexicans and they are very serious about it. There are exceptions made to this rule in the case of sport-hunting but the red tape to get this done is VERY time consuming and expensive.

The vast majority of Mexican police are underpaid and sad to say, corupt because if it. Opportunity is what motivates them and extortion is their the tool of choice. Just having one stray forgotten bullett somewhere in your rig or on your person WILL cost you MANY thousands of dollars and most probably some long months in a Mexican jail. I have enjoyed visiting Mexico very much over the years. It's a wonderful country to visit and enjoy but if you travel there, you are obliged to respect their laws and those laws will be enforced, I asssure you.

So enough of my 'hot air'!

Later On,
Joe ;)

#15 Don & Mary Ellen

Don & Mary Ellen
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Posted 22 October 2004 - 05:13 AM

Lots of discussions on why carry a hand gun and I for one, who has had many, canít conceive why I need one while camping in the lower 48 states with few exceptions..

In Alaska, whether camping, fishing, hiking or snow machining, everyone I knew carried.. The bigger the bore the better.. I had a .41 mag. Single six.. 5 rounds for the bear and 1 for me if I missed. Lots of psycho brown bears up there. Sold it when I left, too much hassle carrying it through Canada at the time.

I wish I knew why the fascination with guns.. I love shooting them but I hate what they are designed to do. My several trips to Vietnam as a soldier, with first hand experiences, has soured me against guns as well as the way humans treat humans. People can be/are animals with a gun and can be more vicious and dangerous than a hungry grizzly.

I donít carry anymore.. Sold my Glock 22, .40 cal last yearÖ. Glad itís out of the house..

Be safe,

PS: I carry pepper spray to discourage any varmints coming after me..
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