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Refrigerator Drain Issue 2007 17' Sd

refrigerator hoses drain

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#1 jeffers

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Posted 08 April 2013 - 06:26 PM

Just took real notice of an ongoing mold and moisture issue around the inside door frame closest to the refrigerator. Traced the problem to the refrigerator drain and drain hose (inside outside access). The drain proper (plastic carrier with tube inside the frig under the freezer) was plugged up with what looked like dirt. Can't quite figure how the dirt got there other than it was sucked up through the drain tube. Had to use a screw driver to ream it out. The drain tube itself (inside the outside access) was cracked and was draining what thawing freezer water got through directly into the refrigerator compartment rather than out through the drain. I touched the hose where the crack was and the plastic hose broke into about 5 pieces it was so brittle. I cleaned up the mess, scraped off the gobs of silicone the factory laid on, pulled off the bits and pieces of plastic hose stuck to the drain fitting, bought 74 cents worth (2 feet) of 1/2" neoprene tubing and a $3 tube of white silicone at Lowes, had a friend press against the drain from the inside of the frig to hold it (the new tubing is larger in exterior diameter than the previous hose and won't go through the hole from the inside of the frig) pushed the new hose on snug so the drain tube was tight against the back wall where the fitting sticks out, reamed out the lower hole where the tube goes through the underside of the trailer, pushed the hose through (the new hose will fit through the hole..it's larger than the top hole, naturally), took a sharp knife and cut it off with about two inches showing under the trailer. Re-silicone around where the fitting comes out and both sides of the bottom hole, mopped up what water I could from the inside of the unit, put the cover back on. Now I cross my fingers and hope it works. (I can provide photos of the tube issue if anyone is interested).

#2 vernb

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Posted 09 April 2013 - 08:55 AM

Not too sure if this will help but I had a similar incident about 5 years ago with the vent on my water fill spout on a Beaver Motorhome. There was a very small vent hose adjacent to the main water fill orfice on the side of my coach. When I would stick the hose in it to fill the tanks that little hose was supposed to allow the air to vent while the tank filled. I realized I had a problem when the water came shooting out around the hose and the tank simply would not take any water unless I turned it down so far that only a trickle ran down the fill tube. It would have taken a week to fill the tank like that. On closer inspection I found the VENT hose was clogged with what looked like hard dirt. (sounds like just what you found) What I discovered was that a pesky little flying varmit (we call them Mud Daubers around here) had tried to make a nest in my vent hose. I was able to clean it out with a long wire and then I put a fine mesh piece of screen over the opening, held in place with carefully applied clear silicone. Problem solved.

Yours might have been ah onrey neighbor kid that goes around stuffing stuff up all the neighbors drain hoses but I'll bet it was the flying kind. Luck..............vb

#3 Don

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Posted 09 April 2013 - 01:37 PM

Yup, mud daubers will do it!! On my 2007 17' SD three is a plastic screen plug on the open end of the drain tube. Since you do not mention having such a screen, I would bet you had a visit from a dauber or similar critter that built a dirt nest. If you have a problem with this type of critter, then there are several other places on the Casita that they are fond of - take a look here: http://tinyurl.com/3ckcb3 IMG_6969 (Large).JPG

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