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A Complete Casita Club Site Upgrade
is Now Underway!
by Eric A. Mayer

Over the next month or so, we will be upgrading
every part of The Casita Club, including the latest
forum software, a new store and an updated version
of the Casita Club Directory! Stay-tuned!

The 2013 Casita Club Member
Appreciation Give-Away has Begun!!
by Eric A. Mayer

The Casita Club's Yearly Member
Appreciation Give-Away has begun.
There are lots of great prizes, including
Kindle Fire HD Tablets, Gift Cards, T-shirts,
as well as Gift Certificates from many
Casita After-Market Product Suppliers!
Click the link above for more information.

Website Video Tutorials Are Here!!
by Eric A. Mayer

The link above will take you to our new Video
Tutorials Page. This page has videos that will answer
the most frequently asked questions on how to use
the Casita Club Forums. All the videos are on one page
and have full descriptions of the content covered.

It's Rally Season!!
by Eric A. Mayer

The "It's Rally Season" link above will take you to
The Casita Club "Get- Together" Forum. In this forum, you
will find Rallies that are happening all over the USA this
Spring and Summer.
The Bluebonnet Rally, The Javelina Round-Up, The 2011
Southern Utah Tour are just a few. Join in, meet other
Casita Trailer folks, as well as other trailer owners!

How to Post An Introduction
in the
Introduction Forum

by Eric A. Mayer

With so many new users joining The Casita Club, we
have implemented a way for people to be able to
participate on the forums much faster than before.
This article goes through the process,
step-by-step, of posting your introduction.
For New Members Only.

Weight Distribution Hitch Information
by Casita Club Members

Weight Distribution Hitch discussions tend to be very
informative, as well as opinionated. This thread is the most
recent discussion on this very important topic.

Checklist for New Casita Trailer Owners
by Carol Christensen

Being a Long-time Casita Travel Trailer owner,
Carol knows what every "Newbie" needs in order
to take care of their new Casita. In this thread, she lists
everything you need to know, from towing to maintenance.












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